Our Services Backbone


3G/LTE Rollout

Our company performs turnkey rollouts of advanced 3G/LTE telco networks, from acquisition activities, to the technology rollout and installation, including the antenna systems, to configurations, integration and maintenance of these networks. We work with technologies from all leading manufacturers. As a part of the 3G/LTE rollout we install wireless and optical transmission technologies as well as data backbone networks. We provide certified measurements and tests for all elements of telco network. We are able to rollout all parts of telco network in the whole European Union as well as beyond.


SWAP Projects

We perform modernization of telco networks by swapping the old technology for the state-of-the-art 2G/3G/LTE technologies including transmission networks. We carry out these exchanges under the strictest conditions in a “live” network minimzing the impact on end customers. Due to our extensive experience in modernizing networks throughout Europe we participate in creating processes and local installation standards. In addition to the swap of transmission technologies, we also create necessary databases and configurations as well as provide technical support and coordination of all processes from the network operations center.


Telco Solutions

We provide consulting services regarding technological know-how and project management. We organize technical training and workshops throughout Europe related to the operation and configuration of telco hardware and software. We provide consultancy regarding the setting of workflows, their constant analysis and continuous optimization as well as optimal setting of human and material resources. We have our own professional certified trainers and reputable consultants. We help our customers achieve their products effectively and strengthen their reputation in the market.


Data Transmission Networks

We design and perform the rollout of backbone wireless and optical data networks, optical distribution boxes, structured cabling, cable bridges of any extent, including local IP end solutions. We deliver certified measurements for all implementations. We operate our own high-speed internet networks and data connection between branch offices for corporate clients, using optical fibers. We design and implement the local network environment including solutions of web and database applications for all operating systems.