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Quality, integration and measurement

A number of entities are involved in the construction and modernization of the telecommunications network, each of which is responsible for a certain area of activity. The supplier installation company is usually perceived as a body, the most important part of which are dexterous and strong hands. Its main task is to move in and install the technology using climbing and handling equipment on towers, chimneys or roofs. The company therefore performs the "dirty work", which is absolutely necessary, but is often not considered crucial for the functioning of the network.

However, if we look at the final product of such an installation company as perceived by the customer, operator or network owner responsible for its trouble-free operation, we find that we could define it as follows: "The product of the installation company is timely and correctly installed technology according to the operator's standards so that it can provide end customers with the best possible services and thus contribute to building the good name of the operator ".

This product description conceals the requirement to achieve the best possible services. When we realize what this means in practice, it is clear that the installation company can not only "mount" the technology and antennas, but that it must also verify and ensure the correct setup, operation and faultlessness of the entire system. Only in this way can the company be sure that the product requirements are met and can pass on its work to the customer with a clear conscience.

This verification cannot be performed with the naked eye, but requires accurate measurement by specialized measuring instruments, whose control and correct evaluation of measured values is ensured by highly qualified CFE (Cellular Field Engineer) workers.
These specialized technicians must not only meet all the requirements for installation technicians, such as climbing equipment, ability to work at heights, work safety, first aid, etc., but they are also expected to have a thorough technical knowledge of the whole system and the ability to solve any technical problem.

CFEs work with several measuring instruments, which on the one hand provide the possibility of evaluating the exact state of the technology and the antenna system, and at the same time integrate the technology by connecting to a live network and testing all necessary functions.

Integration into the live network is performed using special applications that ensure the correct setting of the database and parameters of the broadcasting technology. These are dozens of setting parameters that our technicians must set and test correctly.

An integral part of the installation of each antenna system is also the setting of the required azimuth of panel antennas using a GPS compass (6,500 EUR), or local setting of the electrical tilt of the antenna using the Antenna Line Configurator (1,200 EUR). Measurement of the quality of the RF cabling connection and possible detection of any faults in the antenna system, defective HW or the correct design of the connectors on the coaxial cable is then usually performed using a sitemaster (4,000 EUR). Before the first start-up of the active elements of the technology, the electrical quantities of the new electrical installation (500 EUR) are measured using measuring instruments.

The success of each completed installation, commissioning of transmission technology, uploading of current configuration scripts to control units is finally verified by service tests using the most modern telephones (800 EUR).

In the case of a more complex configuration (700/800/900, 1500/1800/2100 / 2600MHz), the complete measurement on site and the subsequent preparation of all measurement protocols can take one or two days for one technician, and in combination with the cost of acquiring measuring instruments it is financially very demanding activity, which is not physically visible anywhere except for measurement protocols, although it is a very important and perhaps a key part of the entire construction process.

If these costs are underestimated during the creation of quotations on the part of the supplier, then the supplier will incur significant problems, which are very difficult to solve. In extreme cases, some unreliable suppliers may even break the rules when processing measurement protocols.

In all BACKBONE projects, customers require these measurements. BACKBONE has both high-quality installation technicians, who perform a number of measurements themselves, and the entire team of Field Engineers, which is fully equipped with equipment and knowledge. Thanks to this, BACKBONE has a professionally mastered area of measurement and configuration. BACKBONE thus helps to build the good name of our customers through satisfied end users.
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