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Telecommunications is a technically very specific field, which is demanding not only in terms of highly specialized knowledge, but mainly due to the need for their constant expansion and updating due to ever-improving technologies and their development.
The high demands of operators for increasingly efficient operation of technologies are reflected, for example, in the effort to optimize consumption and performance, save space for antenna systems and indoor technologies, or facilitate their maintenance. As a result, the requirements for technical knowledge of installation and implementation companies are increasing, which must reflect annual, sometimes more frequent changes in installation standards as well as new integration and service procedures, which forces them to constantly develop and improve their workflow. Good installation of technology and antenna systems plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the telecommunications network. The quality of signal propagation then significantly contributes to network optimization and compliance with KPI indicators related to the satisfaction of end users who use the mobile network. The installation company must therefore be at such a high technical level that it can keep up with ever-changing technologies and be able to adapt the efficiency of its workflow, thanks to which it will be able to offer its customers optimal prices. The mentioned preconditions, however, must go hand in hand with maintaining the highest possible standard of quality of the performed installation and at the same time with ensuring the maximum functionality of the network - only in this way can the satisfaction of end users be achieved.

As a result of constantly new technologies, in addition to ensuring the technical improvement of its employees, the company must also meet several other quality processes. Although these processes are no longer so obvious on the outside, they ensure the administrative operation of the company and the protection of its employees. They therefore have a fundamental influence on the proper functioning of the company and thus bring long-term and reliable value to its customers.

Examples of such internal processes are all certifications required for work at heights, work with the help of climbing equipment, electrical certification, ISO certification, work safety, first aid, data protection of our customers and many others.

Therefore, if the installation company is to function properly, bring the customer 100% long-term results and protect his investment, it must have a perfectly functioning system of training its employees at all technical levels, as well as at the level of its own internal processes.

BACKBONE is one of the few companies in addition to installation teams selected according to very strict rules, as well as a team of certified professional Field Engineers who perform internal quality control of installation, integration and commissioning of technology, measurement, and other service interventions. Not only thanks to this, the BACKBONE company is directly involved in the creation of installation and integration standards in a number of projects and is able to provide its customers with top technical support very similar to the level of the technology manufacturers themselves. In this way, it creates or helps its customers to create construction processes in such a way as to ensure their maximum efficiency and functionality. BACKBONE employees benefit from the best possible technical education, which they receive both through participation in workshops dealing with new systems and through regular training on existing systems.
The quality of work of BACBKBONE employees is continuously evaluated and based on the results, employees are automatically trained to supplement the necessary knowledge. BACKBONE has a separate Backbone Academy division, which includes a climbing polygon, where advanced climbing techniques and load handling are trained so that our employees have the best possible know-how, thanks to which they can perform work as efficiently and in the required quality. During these trainings, maximum emphasis is placed on compliance with occupational safety, health protection and protection of the moved technology. Another part of Backbone Academy is also a technological laboratory focused on certification and professional training of work on electrical equipment and for training in complete assembly and service intervention of telecommunications equipment. The laboratory is equipped with technologies, steel structures and antenna systems that are commonly used in practice. Before being deployed in the field, each worker is trained and tested in the knowledge of the installation standards of the project.

The company also uses its own e-learning portal to continuously verify the knowledge of its employees and to ensure immediate access to all new directives and changes in installation standards, even when our employees are in the field throughout Europe. Our Quality team controls the quality of installations directly after completion in the field or remotely from the back office using internal video audits. The BACKBONE company is thus able to provide a comprehensive system of education and quality control, which has long been reflected in the excellent results that the company achieves in the quality evaluations performed regularly by its customers. We have been successful in gaining it for many years.
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