Backbone Academy


The field of telecommunications is a very specific area of technology which demands highly specialized knowledge from those active in the industry. Moreover, that knowledge needs to be continuously expanded and updated due to constant improvement and development of the technology.

The operators require the operation of technologies to be more and more efficient, which is reflected for example on the effort to optimize the consumption and performance, to save space for antenna systems and indoor technologies, as well as to facilitate the maintenance. As a result, the installation and implementation company requirements with regard to the knowledge of their workers also increase; the company must respond to the annual and sometimes even monthly changes in installation standards as well as to new integration and service processes. Consequently, the company is forced to constantly develop and improve its workflow. A high quality installation of technology and antenna systems plays a major role in the correct signal propagation. The quality of signal propagation then significantly contributes to network optimization and to the fulfilment of the key performance indicators concerning the satisfaction of the end customers using the network for their telephone calls. Thus the installation company must be on a high technological level of expertise which enables it to keep up with ever changing technologies. This will allow the company to adjust the efficiency of its workflow. Ultimately, the company will be able to offer its customers optimal prices. However, the above mentioned requirements must complement the highest possible standards of installation quality while maintaining the maximum functionality of the network – only then the end customer satisfaction can be achieved.

With new technologies continuously introduced, the company must not only ensure the technical development of its workers but also implement a wide range of other processes of quality control. Although such processes are not immediately apparent to an outsider, they create an important background for the administration of the company and the protection of its employees. Consequently, the processes have a significant impact on proper functioning of the company which brings a long-term added value to its customers.

Among other things, these internal processes include all certification procedures necessary for work at heights, for work while using climbing equipment, electrotechnical certifications, ISO certifications, training for SAP environment, work safety, CPR, customer data protection and many other processes.

In order to function well, to continually bring one hundred per cent results to its customers and to protect the customers' investment, the installation vendor company must have a perfectly working system of employee education on all technical levels as well as on the level of its own internal processes.

BACKBONE is among the few installation companies which have, on the one hand, installation teams selected according to very strict rules and, on the other hand, a team of certified Field Engineers who carry out integration work and repairs. At the same time, BACKBONE is a rare company which also employs workers certified directly by the technology producer for holding official trainings and awarding technical certificates. Thanks to that, BACKBONE is the direct creator of installation and integration standards within a range of projects and is able to provide its customers with top quality technical support on a level similar to the level of support as provided by the technology producers themselves. Consequently, BACKBONE can create or help its customers to create construction processes in such a way that ensures their maximum efficiency and functionality. The employees of BACKBONE benefit from the best possible technical education obtained both during workshops focused on new systems and during regular trainings regarding the current systems.

The quality of work of BACKBONE's employees is continuously evaluated and the workers are automatically provided with additional training based on the results of the evaluation in order to supplement their knowledge if necessary. BACKBONE has its own test laboratory equipped with technologies and antenna systems for practising a complete installation and repair. Every worker is trained and tested in this lab before he or she is deployed into the field. The lab also provides introduction of new types of technologies to workers. The company also uses its own eLearning portal which enables it to continuously test the knowledge of its employees and allows immediate access to all new directives and changes in installation standards even while our workers are in the field anywhere in Europe. Our Quality Check team verifies the installation quality directly after its completion in the field. As a result of the measures described above, BACKBONE is able to guarantee complex systems of education and quality control which reflects in the long term on the exclusive results achieved by our company during regular quality assessments conducted by our customers: We have been able to obtain the highest possible quarterly evaluation score for several years and we often reach the first place among all the vendors of the given customer.

For project management and internal processes regarding the administrative and security certificates of the company and its employees, we use SAP Business One ERP. This software ensures a precise and effective management of project processes with regard to both quality and price and simultaneously provides the possibility to manage all necessary certificates be it for the entire company as well as for its individual workers.

Thanks to its elaborate system of quality control, BACKBONE helps its customers to achieve the best possible results and to be able to always offer its clients – the end users – first class services. That is the way BACKBONE helps to create the good name of its customers on the telecommunications market – which also manifested itself recently in Germany during so called "connect test", an official testing of operators, in which our customers enjoyed great success.